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Fletcher Business Group

Fletcher Business Group (FBG) is a global manufacturer and dominate leader of multi-market, solution-driven technologies for a wide range of industries. For more than 150 years we have been at the forefront of what is next in the industries we serve – developing products and process solutions to meet our customers’ ever changing needs.

We offer a diverse range of integrated, engineered solution technologies for cutting, joining, hanging and automation, all backed by installation, service and training.FGB-NEW STACKED LOGOS FINAL RGB 3-11-22 (002)_Web.jpg

And with today’s market crossovers, our products and services are used universally across many industries – from picture framing to sign & graphics to woodworking. Using our equipment, our customers are able to expand their products and services, add value to their business, and achieve a profitable ROI.

From low-volume production shops to high-volume OEM, online retailers or fulfilment operations, FBG can recommend an integrated workflow plan that suits your unique cutting, joining, assembly and automation needs.

FBG is comprised of major globally recognized brands providing quality products, equipment, consumables and equipment field services to the Custom and OEM Picture Framing, Sign and Digital Graphics, Hardware, Woodworking and Glass Float & Fabrication Industries

Our History

It all started in Leverett, Massachusetts in 1868.

4.jpgO.M. Pike, a local jeweler, was convinced that diamonds can't possibly be the only means for cutting glass. So he ponders, tinkers, and experiments. Over time, a crude but marginally effective glass cutter emerges from the debris of his creativity. It's a first-of-its-kind rod, made from hardened steel positioned between two friction rollers. Mr. Pike received a U.S. Patent in 1868 for his "Magic Diamond" invention.

1.gifShortly afterwards, Mr. Pike met Samuel Monce, an employee of the R.J. Ives Machine Shop in Bristol, Connecticut. In 1869 Mr. Monce perfected the Magic Diamond to create and receive a patent for the "Excelsior", later and more commonly known as the "Bristol Diamond" - a simple, bone-handled tool with a steel wheel.

Four years later, Fred S. Fletcher joined the company. An engineer, Fletcher soon got the idea that a glass cutter with interchangeable wheels would provide considerable cost savings to customers.

While this idea also earned its inventor a patent, Uncle Samuel was not especially intrigued. And so the world had some to time wait for the Bristol Diamond.

2.gifBehind the scenes, however, Fred Fletcher, his brothers Tom and Gayle, and his father-in-law Franklin Terry formed a partnership, and manufacturing was underway in a barn on the Terry property in Bristol

Eight years later, in 1911, Fred purchased his brothers' financial interest and incorporated the business under the name we still proudly display: The Fletcher-Terry Company.

3.jpgIn 2012, the Fletcher-Terry Company made its first acquisitions by purchasing the AMP and Alfamacchine Companies and again in 2013, acquired the Albin Products Company and today is referred to as the Fletcher Business Group.

Today, Fletcher is the global brand and leading manufacturer of table-top and wall-mounted/free standing substrate cutters, and points & drivers for picture framing, as well as glazing applications, hand-held glass cutters and pliers, carbide scoring wheels, pillar post and inserts for automated glass processing industry.

Company Locations – Manufacturing and Warehousing Operations

Corporate Headquarters
Fletcher Business Group
East Berlin, CT 06023 USA

International Headquarters
FORLI 47100
+39 05443 783301

North American Manufacturing & Warehousing
Fletcher-Terry Company, LLC
East Berlin, CT USA 06023

International Manufacturing & Warehousing
Alfamacchine S.r.l
FORLI 47100

North American OEM Framing Group
Sales & Technical Support Facility
Spring Grove, IL 60081 USA

Hanging & Security Hardware
Frameware, LLC
8 Audrey Place, Fairfield, NJ 07004


Saw Blade Design and Sharpening Services

Atlas Saw & Tool, LLC
Spring Grove, IL 60081 USA


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