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Alfamacchine is a worldwide leading manufacturer of Underpinner Machines, Double Mitre Saws, Flexible and Hard Points and the world largest producer of V-Nail Fasteners. Alfamacchine has been a trusted global market leader for more than thirty years. Serving the picture framing and woodworking markets, Alfamacchine brings high-quality frame joining solutions, technology and engineering consultation that can help boost productivity and revenue.

Alfamacchine's History

  • 1981 - Company was founded in Forli, Italy
  • 2005 - Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a North American based company purchased Alfamacchine and expands its market share worldwide
  • 2012: Alfmacchine was purchased by the Fletcher-Terry Company, LLC and became a major brand under the Fletcher Business Group umbrella


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Alfamacchine's TA-350 Double Mitre Auto Saw

Why Alfamacchine?

  • Equipment utilizes state-of-the-art operation software created in-house by industry -leading field engineers and developers
  • User-friendly equipment makes for easy operation with top-of-the line safety features
  • Superior Italian craftsmanship = more efficiency, higher production volume and less downtime allows for machines to run more efficiently, production and less down time.
  • Easy-to-use equipment = shorter learning curve and operation ramp-up time
  • Industry’s most robust joining machines feature chrome-treated parts for added longevity and value
  • Largest range of equipment to meet the needs of all framers -- from the hobbyist to high-volume production operations
  • The Power Twist® patented design pulls the joint tightly together creating greater performance strength at the corner. Manufactured from high quality steel, the V-Nail strip is applied with a propriety silicone allowing for smooth penetration into the joining material.   


Made in Italy

Your High-volume Frame Production Partner

Looking to assemble frames at high-volume rates? Our automated double mitre cutting and frame robot joining system is your one stop production solution. It features up to six process stations, including material handling; a material gripper system; double mitre cutting, cut pieces moving and frame-assembly joining.


Click to learn more about Alfamacchine’s Automated Solutions for Mass Customization Cutting and Joining.

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