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The AMP brand of underpinner machines; double mitre saws; flexible and hard points; and V-Nail fasteners has been a trusted market leader in North America for more than thirty years. Serving the picture framing and woodworking markets, AMP brings high-quality frame joining technology solutions and engineering consultation for production work flow that can help boost productivity and revenue. 

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AMP's TA-350 Double Mitre Auto Saw

AMP Products

Why AMP?

  • Most trusted and respected in the industry for the joining and cutting solutions
  • Industry’s most robust joining machines for added longevity and investment value
  • Largest range of equipment to meet the needs of all framers – from the hobbyists and high-volume production operations to customers requiring mass customization workflow
  • The Power Twist® patented design pulls the joint tightly together creating greater performance strength at the corner. Manufactured from high quality steel, the V-Nail strip is applied with a propriety silicone allowing for smooth penetration into the joining material.   
  • Nationwide customer service with technical support and service

Your High-volume Frame Production Partner

Looking to assemble frames at high-volume rates? Our automated double mitre cutting and frame robot joining system is your one stop production solution. It features up to six process stations, including material handling; a material gripper system; double mitre cutting, cut pieces moving and frame-assembly joining.

Click to learn more about AMP’s Automated Solutions for Mass Cusomerization Cutting and Joining  


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Markets Served

Picture Framing
Window Manufacturing


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