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Atlas Saw & Tool Technology

Since 1948, Atlas Saw & Tool Technology has been providing customers across multiple industries with the highest quality saw blades and sharpening services. Specializing in cutting tools for the plastics, wood, metal and paper industries, Atlas also manufactures customer tooling and has a team of professional grinding technicians with more than 100 years of combined grinding experience.

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Saw Blade Cutting Technology

Saw Blades for Pistorious, CDT, Immes, Omega and Cassesse Saw Brands
Sharpening and Blade Management Service
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Why Atlas Saw & Tool?

  • Custom quality saw blades and tooling solutions for cutting wood, MDF, aluminum and engineered plastics
  • Saw service, parts and accessories for Pistorius Saws through our Tem-Tech Service Group
  • Sharpening services for saw blades, router bits and profile knifes
  • Market-exclusive saw blade design produces smooth, chip-free cut edge
  • High-volume operations can cut up to 20 sheets simultaneously
  • A key part of FBG’s Automated Solutions for Saw Blade Cutting


Your Blade Management Partner


Zero Turn Services (ZTS)

Atlas Saw & Tool offers customers our Zero Turn Services Program (ZTS), encompassing Blade Management Services as well as Inventory Program Planning. The goal of ZTS is to prevent any production downtime related to saw blade changes and rotations.

ZTS Blade Management

Program Benefits

  • One-time blade investment purchase based on number of saws in production operation
  • Customer incurs cost for ongoing blade sharpening charges
  • Atlas Saw maintains a finished inventory of sharpened blades for quick customer response and efficient blade rotations
  • Atlas Saw monitors and tracks all blade returns for blade usage, condition, number of sharpenings that have occurred, and overall performance level based on OEM specs

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