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Unique Performance Features

  • User friendly touch-screen P.C. operation with data storage for 5,000 frame profiles
  • Integrates Bar Code Scanner option for production efficiency
  • Features a three knob adjustment fence for compensating moulding cuts
  • Join either from front or back of machine
  • Easy table tilt adjustment
  • Machine handles all types of wood, plastics, and MDF materials 

Frame Joining Capabilities

Moulding Width
(min to max)
Moulding Height
(min to max)
Max Distance
Between V-Nails
¼” up to 4 ½”
(6-105 mm)
¼” up to 3 ¼”
(6-80 mm)
5 ¾”
Pre-set V-Nail
Position Stops
V-Nail Sizes V-Nail Channel
Multiple 5, 7,10,12,15 mm
220 V-Nails/channel

Machine Dimensions & Weight

Length: 27” (686mm)
Width: 31.5” (800mm)
Height: 51.5” (965mm)
Weight: 309 lbs (140kg)

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