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Engineered Plastic Blades

Acrylic | Mechanical Plastics | Phenolic | Foam Board

Acrylic: Acrylic RV saw blades are engineered to reduce chipping on thin acrylic sheets and have a unique grind pattern that reduces heat and prevents melting.

Mechanical Plastics: Our mechanical plastic saw blades have a unique tooth geometry design that allows for a smooth, easy cut on ultra-low melt plastics such as nylon, polypropylene, UHMW and HDPE.

Phenolic: Our phenolic blade design has a modified ATB grind that is ideal for cutting difficult engineered materials like paper, linen and canvas. Filled phenolic blades have a diamond grit specially designed for all grades and thicknesses of material.

Foam Board: Our foam board blades have a thin kerf design with sharply pointed, shear-faced teeth that produce razor sharp cuts without tearing or blowing out material. This market-exclusive blade design and geometry is only available through Atlas Saw & Tool.


Saw Blade Guidelines
More Teeth
Fewer Teeth
Smoother finished edges Faster cutting
Better for thin materials Better for thick materials
Slower cutting Lighter, easier to push feeds
Increased heat build-up at the tip Cooler running tips for longer-sharp life
Thin Kerf
Standard Kerf
Saves on operating power Straighter cuts
Reduces material waste Heavy duty cutting requirements
Cuts faster and easier Requires far greater saw power than a thin kerf
Cooler cutting blade tips Hotter running tips reduces sharp-life

Technical Documents
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Mechanical Plastics

Saw Blade Specifications - Mechanical Plastic Cutting

Item No. Diameter Kerf Plate Tooth No. Arbor Grind
PLN14367 355 3.8 3.0 36 1" 2 + 1
PLN380367 380 3.8 3.0 36 1" 2 + 1
PLN400457 400 4.0 3.2 45 1"
2 + 1
PLPE350481BAT 350 3.8 3.0 48 1" 2 + 1
PLPE380460BAT 380 3.8 3.0 60 1" 2 + 1
PLPE40060BAT 400 4.0 3.2 60 1" 2 + 1


Saw Blade Specifications - Phenolic Cutting

Item No. Diameter Kerf Plate Tooth No. Arbor Grind
TA-40060AB8 400 4.5 3.4 60 80 ATAFR
TA400100AB 400 4.5 3.4 100 1" ATAFR

Foam Board Cutting

Saw Blade Specifications - Foam Board Cutting

Item No. Diameter Kerf Plate Tooth No. Arbor Grind
TA-350140H 350 3.0 2.4 140 30 HATB
TA-400140H 400 3.0 2.4 140 30 HATB
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