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Part Number Information
P/N Description
07-900 GlazerMaster
08-980C Stacked Glazier Points 3/8” (5000 points/box)
08-990 Stacked Glazier Points (1000 points/tube)
08-511 #2 Triangle Pints (225/card)
08-611 #7 Push Points (100/box)
08-711 #7 Push Points (50/card)
08-712 #7 Push Points (Bulk)
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Fletcher Points
& Drivers


Technical Drawings

Performance Features

  • Fires perfectly flat into window frame for holding glass
  • Precision firing, fires one point at a time
  • Tension adjustment allows you to tweak firing power
  • Easy to load magazine holds 100 points for increased production 

Informational Product Materials

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