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Picture Framing Blades

Softwood | Hardwood | MDF | Polystyrene | Aluminum Frames

Soft & Hardwood: Our 4+1 saws' tooth design is perfectly engineered for all soft and hardwood mouldings plus all composite materials — to produce a smooth, chip-free edge. This market-exclusive blade deisgn and geometry is only available through Atlas Saw & Tool.

MDF: With foil-wrapped mouldings, our unique sheer face design makes this an excellent choice for cutting MDF materials.

Polystyrene: Our hollow face design is specifically manufactured to cut polystyrene picture frame mouldings and is engineered to eliminate melted burr formation and reduce residue buildup.

Aluminum: Using a series of saw blades with special grade of carbide and unique tooth geometry, this design is ideally suited for cutting thin walled aluminum picture frame mouldings. Suited for dry cut processing or use with mist coolant, depending on frame thickness.

Kerf design


Saw Blade Guidelines
More Teeth
Fewer Teeth
Smoother finished edges Faster cutting
Better for thin materials Better for thick materials
Slower cutting Lighter, easier to push feeds
Increased heat build-up at the tip Cooler running tips for longer-sharp life
Thin Kerf
Standard Kerf
Saves on operating power Straighter cuts
Reduces material waste Heavy duty cutting requirements
Cuts faster and easier Requires far greater saw power than a thin kerf
Cooler cutting blade tips Hotter running tips reduces sharp-life
Technical Documents
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Atlas Saw Picture Framing Blades

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Polystyrene Picture Framing

Heavy Gesso Picture Framing

Saw Blade Specifications - Plastic Cutting

Item No. Diameter Kerf Plate Tooth No. Arbor Grind
TA-30060YHB3"C" 300 3.2 2.2 60 30 Hollow
TA-30060YHB3A 300 3.2 2.4 60 30 Hollow
TA-30560YHB1 12" 3.2 2.2 60 5/8" Hollow
TA-30560YHB1A 12" 3.2 2.2 60 5/8" Hollow
TA-35072YHB3 350 3.2 2.2 72 30 Hollow
TA-35072YHB3A 350 3.2 2.4 72 30 Hollow
TA-35572YHB1 14" 3.2 2.2 72 5/8" Hollow
TA-35572YHB1A 14" 3.2 2.4 72 5/8" Hollow

Aluminum Picture Framing

Saw Blade Specifications - Heavy Gesso

Item No. Diameter Kerf Plate Tooth No. Arbor Grind
MP-305100AB2 12" 3.0 2.2 100 5/8" ATAFR
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