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Fletcher Titan Cutter and Trimmer

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Unique Performance Features

  • Dual head position for cutting and trimming
  • Through-cutting for semi-rigid materials
  • Trimming feature for flexible vinyls, photo paper, and canvas
  • No need for two cutters dedicated to each function; saves on space and equipment investment
  • Engineered “green” strip gives you a visible cut line; no need for guesswork

Q. Can I use standard, off-the-shelf cutting blades?

A. For achieving the best quality edge and square cut, we recommend only the use of Fletcher designed and branded cutting blades. This will ensure:

  • Better life and cutting performance
  • Blade-to-blade performance consistency
  • Minimized “Blade Deflection” when cutting rigid substrates


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Tech Specs & Dimensions

  • Bench top or mounted onto a stand
  • Ergonomic Power Grip Cutting Head
  • Hinged Rail for ease of material loading
  • (3) Full-length Media Holding Grip Strips 
  • Open-ended for processing media longer than the cutter length
  • Machine base is made from anodized aluminum that will not warp and provides a flat cutting surface for consistent depths of cuts

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