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Wall-Mounted Cutters

Fletcher’s Wall Machine Series consist of the 3000, 3100 and FSC Substrate Cutters capable of cutting and scoring semi-rigid and rigid materials up to ½” (13mm). The FSC machine V-Grooves into aluminum composite panel up to 4mm.

Common Substrates | Materials - All types of Foamboards, Glass, Acrylic, PVC, Matboard, Corrugated Plastics, Aluminum Sheets (up to .063”) and Aluminum Composite Panels (up to 4mm).

Wall Machine Performance Standards

  • Interchangeable Cutting Head Technology
  • Three Position Cutting Turret for quick blade change
  • Laser Sight Line Guide for Cutting Pre-Printed Graphics
  • Machine Break-out feature for Glass and Acrylics
  • V-Groove Aluminum Composite Panels
  • Wall Mounted or Free Standing Operation
3000 Multi-Material Cutter

3000 Multi-Material Cutter

3100 Multi-Material Cutter

3100 Multi-Material Cutter

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