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Automatic Vertical Mitre Saw Cutting Process

AMP offers a complete Double Mitre Saw Cutting and Joining Process with up to six process stations including material handling, material gripper system for moving moulding to cutting station, double mitre cutting with two 350mm saw blades, movement of cut pieces, and the process completion with frame joining.

The system is well suited for production double mitre cutting for picture and photo frames as well as any other moulding or trim board assembled by way of 45 degree mitre cutting.

Sophisticated, but simple and practical, the system is made three major components, Vertical or Horizontal Material Feeder, Cutting Station, with two saw blades fixed at a 45 degree angle, and an Unloading Belt with Kicker allowing cut pieces to be pushed aside to avoid any damage.

For a complete automated solution to streamline your business operation, integrate the TA-350 Auto Saw with the AF-500 Frame Joining Robot


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Process Steps and Operations

Step #1 - Material Feeder - Vertical and Hortizonal Available

The Vertical Feeder is best suited for cutting operations where the moulding is easily stackable and minimal set up is required for moulding changeover. This option requires a minimal amout of floor space and comes in lengths of 3000mm, 4000mm, 5000mm or 6000mm.



The Horizontal Feeder option is is best suited for cutting operations having multiple moulding sizes and profiles, no additional set-up is required after the initial installation for moulding changeover.



Step #2 - Material Loading

Material is automatically loaded to be cut from the feeder.



Step #3 - Advanced Material Gripper System

A Material Gripper System (Primary) is used to provide moulding part movement into the Saw Cutting Station, an optional Material Gripper System (Advanced) is also available and sold as a operating option, and is used in conjunction with the primary gripper for minimizing moulding scrap and to increase overall material yield rate.

Step #4 - Double Mitre Saw Cutting

Double Mitre Cutting - Equipped with a Speed Feed Servo System, the TA-350 has a production output range from 1,500 to 1,900 cut pieces per hour. Actual customer production rate is dependent on a number of variables — length of moulding at in-feed stage, length of cut, moulding cross section and type of moulding.

A Vertical and Horizontal Clamping System within the cutting station firmly holes the moulding during the cutting process giving higher accuracy and a superior cut edge quality.


Step #5 - Part Unloading Belt

Belt allows the removal of Cut Pieces

  • Equipped with “Part Present” Photocell
  • Kicks Cut Pieces to Pneumatic Conveyor Belt for Step #6 of the process


Step #6 - Step by Step Conveyor (optional)
  • Step by Step Movement of Cut Pieces
  • Moves Pieces to Frame Joining Area
  • 600mm wide x 2000mm long


Step #7 - Frame Joining (optional)

Alfamacchine’s U-500 and U-600 Machinery

  • Single or Multi-Channel V-Nail Machinery
  • High Volume Product Joining
  • Database Frame Profile Integration
  • Auto-Placement Software Feature
  • Superior Clamping System - Single or Double Clamp





Advanced Material Gripper

TA-350 Operating Software



Software Features


A password protected software platform with a user friendly navigational graphic menu that guides the operator through the various steps needed for programming, executing the job, and overall operation of the auto saw.

The software can be used as a touch screen, screen with mouse, or mouse with external keyboard.

Key Functionality Features

  • Manually Control all Machines Commands
  • Creating and Executing a Program by Frame or List Method
  • Simulation and Visualization of Programmed Frame Cutting – provides onscreen view of entered job for cut and material optimization
  • Data Production Reporting

Complete and detailed information regarding the operating software features and functionality is available upon request.

Manual Control Screen

Manually controls all auto saw operations


Simulation and Visualization of Programmed Frame Cutting

Provides onscreen view of entered job requirements for cuts and material optimization prior to releasing the job



Touch Screen

Touch Screen Programming

Layouts and Configurations

Production Floor Layout

Layout Option #1

Vertical Material Feeder | Double Mitre Saw Station | Kick out Conveyor |Pneumatic Transfer Conveyor

Layout 1

Layout Option #2

Hortizontal Material Feeder | Double Mitre Saw Station | (2) Kick out Conveyors | (2) Pneumatic Transfer Conveyors

Layout 2


System Breakdown and Part Number Configurations and Options

When ordering a TA-350 Auto Saw System, you will need to purchase by major sections of the system. The basic system consist of the Double Mitre Saw (P/N 063004420), the selection of a Material Hopper (either Vertical or Horizontal), plus the unloading belt.

The TA-350 offers a number of different processing options that can be added to the system. All options can be field upgrades purchased at a later date except for the Advanced Gripper System (P/N 063004431), this option must be added at time of original order being placed for the TA-350.

Request Formal Proposal for TA-350

Part Numbers

Part Number

TA-350 Saw


Automated Double Mitre Saw TA-350 with RH/LH Clamps, Set of blades, Control Unit w/Operating Software, Speed Feed Servo System


Vertical Hopper Option


Vertical hopper feeder for mouldings up to 3000mm


Vertical hopper feeder for mouldings up to 4000mm


Vertical hopper feeder for mouldings up to 5000mm


Vertical hopper feeder for mouldings up to 6000mm


Horizontal Hopper Option


Horizontal hopper feeder with 2000mm transfer arm up to 3000mm


Unloading Belt - Part of Base System


Unloading belt - "Part Present" Photocell with kicker - 1000mm x 100mm



TA-350 Accessory Items


Advanced Gripper System


Pneumatic transfer conveyor belt - 2000mm x 600mm


Unloading belt with kicker - 2000mm x 100mm


Unloading belt - "Part Present" Photocell with (3) kickers - 3000mm x 100mm


M4 Transformer - 240v - 480v (Recommended for customer locations not running 480v)


TA-350 Saw - Production Runoff Requirements

Prior to shipping the TA-350 Saw to the customer location, AMP will require the customer to ship to our manufacturing facility a certain amount moulding for machine runoff and final calibration.

If the customer has a variety of moulding to be processed through the saw, AMP will require moulding of all the various sizes to be shipped to our facility.

Based on the customer’s moulding profile design, this proposal does not include pricing for any special part fixture tooling required for use with either the Vertical or Horizontal Material Feeders. If needed, additional tooling will be quoted separately.

Saw Blades and Services

Atlas Saw and Tool, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fletcher-terry Company, LLC. Atlas Saw and Tools offers cutting optimization solutions with Advanced Saw Blade Designs and Regional Sharpening Services.

Atlas Saw and Tool offers customers the Zero Turn Services Program (ZTS) that encompasses Blade Management Services and Inventory Program Planning with the goal to prevent any production downtime related to saw blade changes and rotations.

Download information on the Zero Turn Services Program

Installation and Training

AMP recommends at least two full days for installation and training for one TA-350 Auto Saw installation.

The cost for training and installation are as follows:

Day One - $1,250.00
Each additional day - $650.00

Above cost includes an authorized AMP technical representation visiting your facility, travel, lodging, and local transportation to facility and meals.