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MP | Single Channel Underpinner

Part Number: 04-006

Our U-500 is recommended for high-volume production facilities that require the primary use of a single sized V-Nail for frame joining. The U-500 has the same user-friendly, touch screen interface as our U-600 Underpinner. The only difference between the two models being the U-500 has single channel capacity compared to a multi-channel with the U-600 unit.

With data storage of 5,000 different frame profiles, the operator can easily recall any frame profile alphabetically, numerically or by using the bar code reading option.

Handles frame joining requirements commonly found in picture framing, woodworking (Door Trim), canvas stretcher bar and mirror frame joining.

Former Model Reference - VN4MP

Purchase Package
  U-500 Purchase Package
(1) 7MM Nail Head
(1) 10MM Nail Head
(1) 12MM Nail Head
(1) Single Vertical Positive Placement Clamp
(1) Single Metal Pressure Plate
(1) Double Metal Pressure Plate
(2) Blue Rubber Pads (SW)
(2) Yellow Rubber Pads (MW)
(2) Black Rubber Pads (HW)
(1) C.A.P.S Operating Software
(1) 3 Stage Air Pressure Filter Regulator
(1) Adjustable Fence - 3 knobs
(1) Front Horizontal Clamp
(1) 4mm Allen wrench
(1) 5mm Allen wrench
(1) 6mm Allen wrench
(1) 8mm Allen wrench
(1) Touch screen PC Panel
(1) Magnetic V-Nail pick up tool
(4) Machine base levelers
(1) Fence template 4-6-8 side
(1) Floor Stand
(1) Machine manual
Computerized Air Pressure System

AMP's Computerized Air Pressure System (C.A.P.S.) is the latest operating feature for its U-600 Production Underpinner solutions offering the following benefits to any production based joining operation.

This new system provides the following production features...

  • Eliminates the need of making manual air pressure adjustments for Vertical Clamping Mechanism
  • Maximizes production efficiently with pre-set clamping pressures

  • Eliminates moulding material damage by controlled vertical clamping pressure

  • "Soft" vertical clamping option reducing the chance of moulding surface damage with very soft materials or surfaces with gesso or other delicate finishes

To utilize this new feature, the operator stores in the air pressure values needed depending on the moulding hardness for each of the frame profiles stored in memory. By setting a pressure setting into the memory database, programs recalled through the key pad or barcode scanning option automatically sets the clamping air pressure needed.

All new equipment purchases for U-500 now include the C.A.P.S feature.

Replacement Parts & Accessories


   Butt Joint Assembly Method - 90 Degree Joining



Replacment Clamping Pads

P/N Item Description
04-024 Black Rubber Pad (HW)
04-025 Yellow Rubber Pad (MW)
04-026 Blue Rubber Pad (SW)



Replacement Nail Heads

P/N Item Description
04-090 Nail Head - 3mm
04-095 Nail Head - 5mm
04-091 Nail Head - 7mm
04-092 Nail Head - 10mm
04-093 Nail Head - 12mm
04-094 Nail Head - 15mm



Extension Wings

P/N Item Description
04-032 Extension Wings Kit



P/N Item Description
04-072 Barcode Scanner
04-167 Magnetic Base for Vertical Clamp Assembly
04-020 Single Metal Pressure Plate
04-022 Double Metal Pressure Plate
04-023 Magnetic - Single Metal Pressure Plate
41-221 Single Vertical Placement Clamp Kit
41-142 Double Hydraulic clamping Mechanism



Power Requirements

115/220 Volt 50/60 Hz.
Compressed Air 4NI at 5 Bar
CE Compliant

Sales & Technical Documents
AMP U500.jpg U-500 AMP Sellsheet 1-9-15.jpg
U 500
Memory Programmed/

Unique Performance Features

  • User friendly touch-screen P.C. operation with data storage for 5,000 frame profiles
  • Integrates Bar Code Scanner option for production efficiency
  • Equipped with a vertical, double hydraulic pressure clamp
  • Features a three knob adjustment fence for compensating moulding cuts
  • Join either from front or back of machine
  • Easy table tilt adjustment
  • Machine handles all types of wood, plastics, and MDF materials 

Frame Joining Capabilities

Moulding Width
(min to max)
Moulding Height
(min to max)
Max Distance
Between V-Nails
¼” up to 4 ½”
(6-105 mm)
¼” up to 3 ¼”
(6-80 mm)
5 ¾”
Pre-set V-Nail
Position Stops
V-Nail Sizes V-Nail Channel
Multiple 5, 7,10,12,15 mm
220 V-Nails/channel

Machine Dimensions & Weight

Length: 27” (686mm)
Width: 31.5” (800mm)
Height: 51.5” (965mm)
Weight: 309 lbs (140kg)

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