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Butt Joint Assembly Process - 90 Degree Joining

Part Number: 04-200

AMP has developed a market exclusive Butt Joint Assembly Method for joining together both interior and exterior trim sizes up to 1" x 6". The joining process consist of AMP’s U-500 Backnailer Joining Machine equipped with a 90 degree Material Fencing System.

The material fencing consist of a Dual Position Arm, a Fixed Rear Fence with Magnetic Inserts, and three(3) different sized Spacer Blocks for Off-Set Joining.

A Double Hydraulic Clamping System is used for securing the trim moulding in place during the joining process.

Value of using our Backnailer Joining Machinery

• Replaces common method of stapling and all production issues
• Improve the quality of your cased doors
• Speed up the application of casing to your doors
• Eliminate breakage in transiting your cased door

The Butt Joint Assembly System can be purchased separately with new machines or can be field installed on existing customer units. The joining method can also be used with AMP’s U-600 if a Multi-Channel Backnailer is needed.

Purchase Package

BJK (2).jpg


Technical Documents


Replacement Parts & Accessories

Replacment Clamping Pads

04-024 Replacement Pad - Black (HW)
04-025 Replacement Pad - Yellow (MW)
04-026 Replacement Pad - Blue (SW)

Extension Wings

04-032 Extension Wings Kit

Replacement Nail Heads

04-090 Nail Head - 3mm
04-095 Nail Head - 5mm
04-091 Nail Head - 7mm
04-092 Nail Head - 10mm
04-093 Nail Head - 12mm
04-094 Nail Head - 15mm

Capabilities & Features

Interior / Exterior Trim Max Distance between V-Nail Pre-set V-Nail Position Stops
Up to 1” x 6” 5 3/4” Multiple
V-Nail Size Off-Set Joints
12mm Software V-Nail is recommended 1”, 1/2” & 1/4” spacer blocks are available

Process Steps & Operation

  • To set the joining line, the operator positions the trim directly in the center of V-Nail Head, then slides the dual position fencing to secure. (Image 1)
  • Dual position fencing slides left and right for securing the trim material during joining process. (Image 2)
  • Position and adjust material production stops for securing material. (Image 3)
  • Spacer blocks are used for creating off-set joining for decorative appearance. (Image 4)
  • A Double Hydraulic Clamping System is used for securing the trim moulding in place during the joining process. (Image 5)
  • Purchase package items and kit contents (image 6)

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