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Fletcher is favored worldwide by professional framers at all levels for making the most trusted points and drivers in the industry. Since the 1980’s, Fletcher has lead the industry for setting the performance standards for points and drivers used in the picture framing and glazing industries, and that trend continues today. Is saving pennies on some knock-off points worth risking the value of your framed artwork? We don’t think so. Trust the Fletcher Brand.

Part Number Information
P/N Description
07-900 GlazerMaster
08-980C Stacked Glazier Points 3/8” (5000 points/box)
08-990 Stacked Glazier Points (1000 points/tube)
08-511 #2 Triangle Pints (225/card)
08-611 #7 Push Points (100/box)
08-711 #7 Push Points (50/card)
08-712 #7 Push Points (Bulk)
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Fletcher Points
& Drivers


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Performance Features

  • Fires perfectly flat into window frame for holding glass
  • Precision firing, fires one point at a time
  • Tension adjustment allows you to tweak firing power
  • Easy to load magazine holds 100 points for increased production 

Informational Product Materials

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