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Laminated Foamboard Cutting

Fletcher’s F-60 is a recommended cutting device when you are working with laminated art or graphics. When cutting laminated pieces, it’s important to have the right cutting blade for exceptional cutting and edge quality.

Fletcher’s cutting blades are manufactured to our design specifications resulting in:

   - Better life and cutting performance
   - Blade to blade consistency
   - The elimination of “blade deflection” when cutting harder substrates  

The F-60 utilizes a .015" thick blade providing exceptional cutting and edge quality with all paper based products as well as PVC materials up to 3mm thickness. Blade is permanently molded into a plastic jacket for safe handling. Allows for quick blade change and contains four measuring settings indicating depth of cut.

F-60 - Semi-rigid | Flexible Cutter

F-60 - Semi-rigid | Flexible Cutter