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Simms Machinery, Inc. has been in business since 1993. Gordon Simms sold Shelling Panel Saws, Multi-cam CNC Routers and Brevetti joining machines primarily to the furniture industry. Early in 1995, Dan Simms joined his father’s business and began selling AMP joining machines. Customers used the joining machines to assemble door casing and discovered that it worked great! It was far superior then the old kerf and spline method. Dan helped expand the business by focusing on the millwork industry. After knocking on the doors of millwork companies around the country, more and more businesses recognized the benefits of the joining system. In 2003, Dan became the President of the company and Gordon began to enjoy retirement.

Currently, Simms Machinery, Inc. has AMP Underpinner Vnailer (backnailer) machines in almost all 50 states, Guatemala and Canada. We offer a complete machine package that includes delivery, installation, set-up, a Tool kit and on-site machine operator training.Not only do we sell high quality AMP underpinning machines, but we also offer JA Dawley Stop Systems, Omga miter saws, and Simms Door Casing Klips. Both are made in the USA for the flat jamb market.


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Why Simms Machinery?

  • Simms Machinery, Inc. continues to operate with the values instilled by company founder Gordon: Integrity, honesty, meeting the customer needs and being willing to do what it takes to earn our customer’s loyalty.

  • We value your business and will continue to strive to give you the best customer service along with excellent equipment to meet your millwork needs.


Simms Machinery is a member of the following:



World Millwork Alliance

Manufactured Housing Institute

Lumbermen's Merchandising Corporation


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