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Investment Value Points

  • Estimated Labor Savings — Approximately $250,000 to $400,000 per year for quick ROI period - based on output of 6 to 8 production workers using dedicated joining machines
  • Saves Operating Overhead Cost — Reduces floor space machinery requirements as compared to 6 to 8 dedicated joining areas
  • Integrate an inline process of auto cutting and frame joining into your company’s printing, sizing, finishing and packaging production
  • Fulfills needed increased production capacity during peak season periods
  • AF-500 Facility Foot Print — 5 FT ( 1.52M) (Width) x 6 FT (1.83M) (Height) x 6 ½ FT (1.98M) (Length)

Key Performance Specifications

  • Suited for high volume automatic frame joining of moulding and canvas stretcher bars
  • Vertical feeder automatically positions moulding into joining stations – Max. 50 pieces
  • Independently controlled joining stations insert V-Nails simultaneously into one or multiple positions per corner
  • Average cycle time for four corner joining is 4 to 6 seconds
  • Market-exclusive vertical clamping design — improves joining performance, production through-put and yield rate
  • Production Range: 720 to 900 joined frames per hour
  • Auto-Adjusting for different frame sizes
  • Profile Specs

Height – Minimum .39" (10mm) to maximum 2.75" (70mm)
Width – Minimum .59" (15mm) to maximum 3.15"(80mm)

  • Material Sizes

Minimum: 8" X 8" (203mm) x (203mm)
Maximum: 30" (762mm) x 47" (1194mm)


Request Formal Proposal for AF-500

4 to 6 seconds

720 to 900 frames

Frame sizes

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