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Semi-Automatic | Pneumatic | Production Underpinner

Unique Performance Features

  • Recommended for production joining requirements
  • Features pneumatic loader to eliminate nail jams
  • “Soft Clamping” pneumatic feature for damage free joints
  • Quick-change magnetic pad hold down feature fitting most moulding profiles
  • Operates only with pneumatic air, no electrical hook-up needed
  • Dual actuation functions for V-Nail position and pre-set V-Nail insertion
  • Designed with a unique trouble free piston V-Nail driver block-blade system for years of dependable single and multi-stacking operations

Frame Joining Capabilities

Moulding Width
(min to max)

Moulding Height
(min to max)

Max Distance
Between V-Nails

¼” up to 3¼”

¼” up to 3 ¼”


Pre-set V-Nail
Position Stops

V-Nail Sizes

V-Nail Channel


3,5,7,10,12,15 mm

220 V-Nails

Machine Dimensions & Weight

Width: 14" (350mm)
Length: 25" (640mm)
Height: 20" (356mm)
Weight: 78 lbs (36 kg)

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