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Unique Performance Features

U-400Close-upOf Dials.png

  • Handles up to 5 ½ ” (140mm) wide moulding – Unique competitive advantage over other industry frame joiners
  • Designed with “interchangeable channel magazines” allowing operator to quickly change V-Nail sizes
  • Operator controlled arm for left or right operations – allows framer to accurately position the Nail Head for inserting or stacking V-Nails anywhere along the frame joint
  • Uses both a vertical and horizontal clamping method
  • Adjustable working table height for operator comfort
  • Easy table tilt adjustment
  • Join either from back or front of machine 



Machine Dimensions & Weight

Length: 23 3/4" (600mm)
Width: 15 ¼” (590mm)
Height: 53" (1350mm)
Weight: 198 lbs (90 kg)

Informational Product Materials

U400Close-UpHands-frame.png Dual function
hand lever actuator
V‐Channel Magazine

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