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Fletcher Business Group is a global manufacturer and offers a diverse range of integrated, engineered solution technologies for cutting and joining of pre-hung door assemblies, window trim, aluminum extrusions, PVC windows and cabinetry. From low volume shops to high volume manufacturing plants, FBG can recommend integrated workflow plans that suits your cutting, joining and automation requirements.

All Backed By Installation Service and Training

T-400 Saw-edited.png

AMP Double Miter Saws  | Semi and Fully Automatic Cutting

AMP saws cut 45° miter cuts for woodworking applications such as door trims, aluminum screen frames, LP window trim and cabinetry components. Our machines can handle material widths up to 6" wide and 4" high. Our auto saw has production cutting rates up to 1,900 pieces per hour.


Atlas Saw Blades & Sharpening  | Engineered Blade Technology

Atlas Saw & Tool specializes in offering saw blade technology for ripping, cross cutting, scoring, trimming and double sided materials for the woodworking industry. Atlas provides blade sharpening and blade rotation inventory programs along with replacement blades for Pistorius, CDT, Immes and Cassese saws.

AMP Backniler grouping-edited.png

AMP Backnailers  | Single Level, Multi-level and Butt Joint

AMP’s U-500, a single V-Nail channel unit, is available as single level, multi-level or butt joining solution for the woodworking industry. AMP also offers the U-600 multichannel joining machine in addition to automated frame joining equipment. These backnailers have the capability of joining 45° miters and 90° butt joints.AMP U500-edited.png


AMP Fasteners  | 45° and 90° Joining

AMP’s brand of V-Nail fasteners is manufactured with our Power Twist® pulling power designed to improve the 45° or 90° miter joint strength for woodworking assemblies. Manufactured from high quality steel, the V-Nail strip is applied with a proprietary silicon allowing for smooth penetration into the material. The fasteners are available in 5mm to 15mm sizes for soft, medium or hard woods, MDF and plastic materials.V-Nails.png

Offset Clips.png
Offset Clips - are used to assemble multi-level wood frames
Corner Angles -.png
Reinforcing Corner Angles - used with wood door frames and cabinet frames

Frameware Hanging Hardware & Supplies

Frameware offers several hardware products and supplies used within the woodworking industry. Products such as bumpers, wood screws, nail fillers and security hardware are just a few examples and are available in different sizes to meet your needs.

Visit for more information or ask about our extensive parts catalog.

L Brackets.png
L Brackets - used for shelving and furniture manufacturing
Flat Hanger.png
Flat Hanger - used for cabinetry and furniture bracing
Frameware Catalogs.png
Frameware Catalog

Installation, Service and Training

We stand behind these FBG branded products with installation, service and training. Our factory trained field service technicians can assist with the installation of your saw or backnailer to ensure efficient and effective set up. We can arrange for training of your shop floor personnel in the safe operation and routine machine maintenance. When service requirements arise, we can be easily reached via phone or email to quickly take care of your needs.

Zero Turn Services Program (ZTS) - Atlas Saw blade service encompasses blade management services and inventory program planning to help prevent any production downtime related to saw blade changes and rotations. Customers make a blade investment and incur the cost for on-going blade sharpening. Atlas maintains finished inventory of sharpened blades for quick response and provides an annual on-site customer visit to perform limited preventative maintenance services.



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